Our Approach

Our Values

  • We respect the individuality of organisations and people, and work to the specific needs and preferences of our clients.
  • We value time and effort, and are available, prepared, and punctual.
  • We believe in insight and are inquisitive, involved and open-minded in problem-finding and solution development.
  • We understand the importance of learning, and work to educate and transfer skills to our clients while continually developing our own understandings
  • We communicate with confidence and sincerity, and try to bring certainty and stability to situations.
  • We are helpful, following through with practical actions, and are flexible with the support we deliver to our clients.
  • We work to engender trust, showing loyalty and integrity, and are reliable and dependable.

Our Differentiators

  • Tailored, not templated, consulting and resourcing solutions
  • Low overheads; providing the expertise of top tier consulting firms without the unnecessary price tag.
  • Delivering real and long lasting change due to the intensity of our focus on transformation and commitment to implementation.
  • Transparency in our engagement model; choosing to engage in honest conversations and working without conflict of interest.
  • Low and effectively managed risk; keeping clients well informed, providing choice in approach, and delivering with clear accountability.

Our Engagement Model

On-Demand Resourcing and Pricing

We understand clients need to engage high-quality individuals or teams for short and long-term projects, part time or full time, or even by the hour if needed. Strategic Reform maintains a flexible and agile resourcing model, and can deliver on these needs. We will work with you to understand the appropriate level of effort needed to achieve your goals, in a way that fits your investment appetite.

Selective Resourcing Decisions

When choosing a management consultant, we know clients seek cultural fit and rapport, as well as the necessary skills and expertise for the job. This is why our engagement model includes nominated, alternative and back-up personnel to provide the client choice. Our senior staff and Managing Director will always ensure that clients receive a service that meets and exceeds their expectations.

Company through the Journey

Clients seeking significant transformation and change outcomes need to engage trusted advisors with a deep understanding of their drivers and environment. Strategic Reform’s preference is, where possible and appropriate, to embed our resources in your workplace. Our consultants will sit alongside you, work alongside your staff, and work hard to ensure they understand the particulars of your situation. We understand to achieve lasting change involves a journey, and we understand the importance of, and enjoy being part of, that experience.

Constant Management of Quality

The stakes are high when attempting to reset strategy and make significant organisational and cultural change. Therefore, transformation typically comes with a higher expectation of service, availability and outcomes. Strategic Reform understands the importance of getting things right the first time, and ensure that quality is inherent in our approach, structure and consulting methods. We provide you with the best staff, rigorous processes, high oversight and strong accountability.






A Change Focus

Whether a client primarily requires ICT transformation advice, business transformation advice, or assistance with their portfolio and services, Strategic Reform always delivers with a Change Focus. We know that an investment in process improvement or new technology is likely to be a wasted effort unless there is a true understanding of the drivers and requirements for change.

We believe change should be driven by the organisation. While we provide the expertise and support, we partner with our clients to ensure change initiatives are owned and implemented from the inside.

Start with an Informed Base

Strategic Reform always undertakes deep analysis into the current environment to determine the functionality, competency and maturity of current state processes, services, structures and workforce factors. We never approach an engagement with predetermined outcomes in mind, and know that often the solution to complex problems lies outside the boundaries of standard analysis. We always ensure that we fully understand the potential sticking points of change, as well as the factors that will facilitate transformation moving forward.

Ensure Clarity of Strategic Vision

Strategic Reform knows that success in business transformation activities is ultimately determined by both the clarity and persuasiveness of strategic vision, and people’s capacity to understand and drive the direction that is being set. We also believe that it is important for the client to remain in control of strategy, and will work closely with executives to elicit and articulate the future state, and a pathway for achieving it.

Focus on Performance and Improvement

Strategic Reform understands that implementing technology capability will not alone drive significant improvements, and instead support clients to adopt the tougher but longer lasting approach of redesigning delivery, re-examining the arrangement of teams and business units, and renewing corporate improvement programs. From our experience, sometimes seemingly small factors can have a major impact on organisation-wide performance, and our approach ensures we get to the bottom of these issues. From developing operational strategy and differentiated business models, to supporting the transformation of front, middle and back office functions, Strategic Reform helps agencies achieve sustainable performance improvement.


Focus on Communication

A critical part of Strategic Reform’s approach is to integrate change and communication management to the earliest point of program design. We work closely with leadership to develop insight into key issues facing internal groups and external stakeholders, assessing their readiness and/or potential resistance to change. We assess the professional capabilities needed to meet change objectives, and our communication specialists work with our clients to develop appropriate messages and communication channels, and support executives through the process.

Make the Link to Implementation

After we have worked extensively with our clients to identify, validate and develop real support for the future state, Strategic Reform follow through with an actionable and achievable implementation plan. Using our extensive experience in Program and Project Planning and Management, we are able to anticipate roadblocks, and identify factors that can be leveraged to ensure successful delivery. We are able to support you in implementation and will work to ensure projects are delivered on-time, on-budget and to a high quality.

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