Intelligence-led, Risk-based Security Solutions

Security Transformation Strategy

Protecting your information, assets and people has become increasingly challenging as cyberspace becomes a central part of everyday life and business.  This brings both opportunities and threats to organisations and is overturning the traditional notions of security. With risks increasing, organisations cannot ignore these changes.  

Strategic Reform assists organisations to navigate the ever-changing security landscape through its unique security assessment process. Our hybrid model utilises intelligence trade-craft and better-practice security methodologies spanning cyber security, personnel security and physical security in a holistic, mutually supporting capability. 

We have a dedicated, qualified Security Services team with extensive experience in providing Information Security in both the public and private sectors. This experience allows our team to provide support, advice and practical solutions to clients. Our tailored approach ensures that each deliverable is fit for purpose and designed for each client, rather than a templated solution. 

We pride ourselves on the calibre of our consultants, who have experience gained in the national security, defence, law enforcement and intelligence fields. This ensures a wealth of security knowledge and a proven track record within numerous client environments. 

Our Security Services team can provide the following services: 

  • Risk Management-as-a-Service (RaaS)  
  • Security-as-a-Service (SaaS); including ITSA/ASA-as-a-service (ITSAaas)
  • Information Security Governance and Compliance  
  • Security Architectural Transformation
  • Intelligence Assessments and Reporting 
  • Strategic Resourcing for your security resourcing requirements
  • Policy and Framework development and assessment 
  • Incident Handling and Response

Intelligence Assessments and Reporting

The assessment of your threat through security intelligence analysis is the first step of what we do. Our team of former national security analysts can map who is targeting you, their capabilities and why they are doing it.  We provide:  

  • Threat Assessments for organisations, operations, facilities and people  
  • Intelligence reporting to provide relevant, timely and actionable threat-based intelligence 
  • Creating an empowered, educated workforce through intelligence and security training 
  • Understand the who and why of threat actors and why they pose a risk to your operations 

Security-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Strategic Reform Security Services also have the capability to provide advice and assist in the daily maintenance of your organisation by offering Security as a Service by means of virtual Chief Security Officer, IT Security Manager, Information Technology Security Advisor and Agency Security Advisor.  

This service allows your organisation to continue as business as usual with the peace of mind that your information security is being managed appropriately. We have extensive experience in this area, with agencies such as Department of Communications and the Arts (DoCA).


Risk Management-as-a-Service (RaaS)

Strategic Reform believe that the management of risk is an enabler of organisational transformation. Risk is the language of senior decision makers and the catalyst for strategic change. We will enhance your security through:   

  • IT & OT Security Risk Assessments – logical IT systems and ICS/SCADA  
  • Supply Chain Risk Assessments  
  • Assessments of Security and Risk Culture   
  • PSPF Maturity Assessments 
  • SCEC Certification and Accreditation   
  • ISM Certification and Accreditation  
  • IRAP Readiness including full development of SRMP and System Security Plans  
  • Red Teaming – physical and logical 

Our Risk Management capability can be also delivered as a service to clients to assist in establishing and maintaining a compliance focused, controlled and managed environment, thus reducing vulnerability within your networks.

Security Architecture Transformation

Our team aims to embed a robust security culture at the highest levels of your organisation. This should be enhanced by technology to aid in detection, deterrence, delay, response and recovery from adverse security incidents, and needs to be supported by robust security governance and processes to align organisations to risk management.  

In order to achieve this we provide:  

  • Security Health checks across your organisation  
  • Security Assessments of people, process and technology  
  • Intelligence-led, risk-based security technology roadmaps to mitigate risks across cyber, physical and personnel security  
  • Security orchestration and implementation across the detect and response lifecycle

Assessing and Compliance

As part of our suite of services, our Security Services team have a quality assurance and compliance offering to assist you in keeping your policies and procedures current and durable enough for threats and risks into the future. This capability includes: 

  • reviewing existing documentation 
  • amending documentation to suit your organisation 
  • assessing documents against the industry appropriate security frameworks and regulations 

Strategic Reform have assisted agencies such as National Capital Authority (NCA), Department of Communications and the Arts (DoCA) and Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).  

Strategic Alignment of Security Policy against your threat

Strategic Reform have the capability to assist your organisation to become current, compliant and secure by providing: 

  • Security Strategy and Governance  
  • Security Frameworks and Policy development  
  • Enhancing Security Operations Centre operations  
  • Security Architecture development – TOGAF and SABSA frameworks  
  • Compliance assessment across PSPF, ISM, ISO 27001  
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Enhance incident notification and response mechanisms through the nexus of technology and process.






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