Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN)

As part of International Women’s Day celebrations, ISC2 produced a report displaying the numbers of women within the cybersecurity profession. Cybersecurity is a niche within the already heavily male dominated IT industry, with only 11% of IT Security being represented by women globally, or just 10% within Oceania. This statistic proves that in order to promote equality at an industry level, we need to be encouraging women of all walks of life to engage and participate within the cybersecurity space.

So how are we to encourage women to participate? Within Australia, we are fortunate enough to have the Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN). This network allows cybersecurity professionals to connect, learn, collaborate and support one another in a female-centric environment. AWSN is an open network, meaning all people with different experience, qualifications gender age and backgrounds are welcome so long as they have an interest in security. It was created to encourage and inspire future security professionals and provide mentoring and positive female role models within the greater security industry. AWSN offer events such as networking breakfasts and drinks, guest speakers (lunch and learn) and plenty of other opportunities to feel included and contribute to the industry. The network is available with chapters all over the country to join and numerous online resources including blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn presences so support and encouragement is always available. Strategic Reform is proudly part of this network and supports the development and career advancement of women within all IT sectors, not just security.

To join this supportive, creative network of security professionals; follow AWSN on Twitter (@awsn_au), connect to the AWSN LinkedIn page –, or email the team for local chapter events at

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