Clean up your act!

53% of email received globally is unsolicited, automatically generated emails (more commonly known as SPAM). 26% of this is considered malicious.

Automated spam filters and gateway appliances are great at identifying potential risks that may be coming into your environment, however, the tighter the settings the greater the risk of blocking legitimate traffic.

That means we are expecting our people, who are all highly trained specialists in their fields, to be able to correctly identify and delete the malicious content from the legitimate traffic.

Spam is frustrating, because it doesn’t matter how often you unsubscribe to a mailing list, you always end up getting more arriving that you cope with.

As custodians of information systems, it is your responsibility to ensure that old accounts are removed in a timely manner, gateway policies that enforce non-repudiation are current and that users are aware of their role in reducing spam through the good practice and reduction of external web access using corporate details.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) provides policy and best practice for the successful reduction of SPAM, however, to have confidence in your online presence you need experience to develop good governance and successful cultural awareness.

Strategic Reform have the knowledge and experience to guide your business through transformation and maturity improvement, so that you and your business is better protected from malicious email.

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