At State of Origin time, you often hear a breathless commentator noting that the team that wins Origin 1 goes on to win the series 75% of the time. (Including last Thursday’s ABC news broadcast, Canberra edition.)

But isn’t it the case that in any close contest – where the winner needs to win at least 2 games out of 3 – that winning the first will give you a 75% chance of winning the series? (Ignoring draws.)

If you flip a coin and the first flip is heads, there is a 75% chance you will get at least two heads out of three. There are only four outcomes: HHH, HHT, HTH, HTT, and three of those are a ‘win’ to heads, or NSW in this case.  Yep, that’s 75% in a coin toss.

Similarly for any contest where the odds are close to 50-50: elite teams that are evenly matched, black jack, coin tosses, etc.  It is a myth that there is ‘momentum’ from winning Origin 1 – the statistics in fact show the opposite – the winner of Origin 1 has had no better odds of winning the series than a coin toss would generate.

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