User Experience and
Service Design

At Strategic Reform, we understand a positive user experience is the key to a successful solution. That’s why
we take a human-centred approach to our analysis and design to thoroughly understand users’ needs.

Through research plans, interviews and co-design workshops, we are able to gain a comprehensive understanding of what drives users’ behaviours and desires, enabling us to design tailored solutions that we deliver across government and private sectors.

User Research

User research is at the core of our methodology. Our interpersonal approach enables deep insight into the current experience, needs, and friction points for users. Through analysis we find trends and commonalities that open opportunities for enhancing experience. 

Journey mapping and Prototyping

Through user journeys and prototypes we are able to identify the ideal experience for users. We use co-design workshops to outline and validate our designs, obtaining direct input from target audiences and ensuring a design that is fit for purpose.

Service Design

End to end service design is one of our key specialities. A well designed service creates a positive experience for business users and their customers, providing practical outcomes and benefits to both. Our interactive and collaborative approach produces a detailed blueprint that is used as the foundations for product development and delivery.

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Strategy & 

We help our customers drive transformational changes to their business and set the direction for the future.


We can help you create a shared understanding of your organisation and its value proposition. 

Project Management 
& Governance

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User Experience &
Service Design

Deliver your users a memorable and positive customer experience.

Data & Analytics

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Project Delivery

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